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November 26, 2010 / My Rappahannock Home

A Hike up Red Oak Mountain!

I have had the opportunity to walk to the top of Red Oak Mountain THREE times this fall. More than in my entire life before, and I grew up here!  I missed my friends’, the Kohlers’, wedding there many years ago (in fact, I didn’t know them then), and I’ve never attended an Easter Sunrise service there, though it must be a spectacular sight. And I’ve never had to run to the fire tower on top to report a forest fire, though I remember Raymond Johnson, the forest warden when I was a kid, manning the tower and staying ever vigilant watching for wisps of smoke that might signal potential danger. He also taught fire safely lessons in the local schools, and occasionally rode in the local firemen’s parades dressed as every kid’s favorite Smokey the Bear! His family still oversees the property for the current owners.

But I digress…Red Oak Mountain is a gem in Rappahannock, a landmark. There is not a higher point between Red Oak and the Atlantic, I’ve been told. So among the things I have to be thankful for this Thanksgiving week-end,…. climbing Red Oak, THREE TIMES in the span of one month, is one!

I just love this amazing place! You will, too!

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