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January 29, 2011 / My Rappahannock Home

Snow in the Country….

Sunrise on a snowy morning.....

There is nothing like snow in the country…birds flocking to feeders, neighbors helping neighbors, fires in fireplaces or woodstoves, soup on the stove, children sledding and  making snowmen…. Someone was complaining recently about the snow, but, hey!, it’s winter! This is what we long for in August when it’s 110 degrees in the shade!

What do you  need to enjoy a snowy winter day? A camera? Some boots? A sled? Or snowshoes? A fire? A good chili recipe? The phone number of an old friend? A movie? A cozy spot? A soft blanket? A good book?….You choose and have a great time! August will be here soon enough!

If you’d like a home in the country, so you, too, can enjoy these gifts of nature, please email me today… .

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