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Rappahannock Non-Profits

Rappahannock is all about volunteerism:

Volunteers sustain us, and continually

enhance our way of life.

The non-profits in Rappahannock embrace the Arts, Education, Business and the Environment. Volunteers insure that the water is clean, the hungry are fed, the landscape is beautiful, our children are educated, and so much more! If I can help you, please email . Or call me at 540-454-0547.

When you become a Rappahannock neighbor, please consider joining one of these organizations:

Rappahannock League for Enviromental Protection-

(RLEP), , 540-317-1449

RLEP has been around for more than 25 years, working where needed to promote a healthy environment in Rappahannock. The recent Alternative Energy Expo and expanded recycling efforts have proven to be quite popular. Tireless volunteers fought “The Power Line Fight” and succeeded in helping to keep the height of the new power lines within reason as they pass through Rappahannock.


Rapp Flow-, 703-764-4830

Rapp Flow exists for the purpose of monitoring and protecting the waterways and watersheds in Rappahannock. Volunteers willing to test the water in our streams, rivers, and spring-fed ponds are critical to Rapp Flow’s success, in cooperation with RLEP.

Headwaters- (Rappahannock County’s Public Education Foundation),, 540-987-3322

Headwaters provides an untold number of gifts and support to the public school system of Rappahannock. Mini-grants are provided to teachers who apply for funding for special projects. The Starfish program provides mentors for at-risk children. The Next Step program assists high school students as they navigate the application and scholarship process. Volunteers are always needed.

Rappahannock Association for the Arts and the

Community- (RAAC),, 540-675-3193

RAAC keeps us entertained! Thanks to the efforts of RAAC, we  have  movies in Rappahannock’s  theater (THE Theatre!) on Gay Street. RAAC Theater offers local performers the opportunity to showcase their  craft. The Rappahannock Artists and studios Tour, each November, provides the opportunity for us to visit artists in their private studio space, to watch them work and to buy their art on site.

Rappahannock Lions Club-,

The Lions are a large and diverse group of good-hearted citizens that exists solely for the purpose of supporting a high quality of life in Rappahannock. Volunteers man the Vision Bus for schoolchildren each year, raise money for scholarships, support the Community Center, assist at Camp Fantastic, a camp for children dealing with cancer, as well as promoting other worthy causes while having a lot of fun in the process!

The Theater at Little Washington-, 540-675-1253

Thanks to the efforts of Nancy and Dick Raines, we have access to the most amazing performances-and at a very affordable cost! Nancy’s mission has been to provide quality entertainment to everyone at every level. Classical, jazz, celtic, bluegrass, and comedic performers grace her stage throughout the fall, winter, and spring seasons.

The Artisan Center of VA is coming SOON to Rappahannock! If you are a lover of the Arts & Agri-Business communities, you may be interested in becoming involved. Stay tuned for more information!

The schools need volunteers; Businesses of Rappahannock needs volunteers; our Fire and Rescue Departments, who take care of ALL of us, need volunteers; the Food Pantry needs volunteers! Volunteering fills your heart, builds community and expands your friend base. I’m happy to help you make a connection. Please email .

So, the question remains, do you have some extra time that you wish to share? Join others who share the same interests, meet your neighbors, and promote your special talents in the process!

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